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How To Reset WHM Password | WebHost Manager | cPanel | Command-Line

Updated: Feb 10


You will need the following items to complete this tutorial

  • A virtual private server or a dedicated server, or a cloud VM instance up and running with cPanel & WHM (WebHost Manager)

There are a few ways to reset the WHM password. This article will cover the most valuable practices used to reset the WHM password.

Method - 1: How to reset WHM password through SSH (Secure Shell).

This method will cover the most appropriate practice to reset WHM root password through CLI (command-line interface).

Please remember that no separate password is used for logging into the WHM. Instead, WebHost Manager uses the operating system root password. So, we have to reset the root password.

  • Log in to SSH.

  • Type "sudo su -" to switch to the root user in the terminal interface.

  • Output:

[manoj@uswest ~]$ sudo su -
Last login: Wed Feb  9 20:53:49 IST 2022 on pts/0
[root@uswest ~]# 
  • Lastly, type "passwd root" in the terminal.

  • Output:

[root@uswest ~]# passwd root
Changing password for user root.
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
[root@uswest ~]# 
  • Finally, type your root password and confirm the password.

Note: If you're running the cPanel & WHM server in the Cloud infrastructure, make sure to generate SSH key pair and upload your SSH public key into the VM instance to connect the VM instance through SSH. For Google Cloud Platform, follow the below article and learn how to connect Google's compute engine VM instance through SSH.

How to SSH into Google Cloud VM Instance using ZOC

Method - 2: How to reset WHM password through the WebHost Manger Interface.

  • Log into the WHM server.

  • In the WHM search bar, type "password" and click on the "Change Root Password" option under the server configuration.

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WHM Change Password Interface
  • Lastly, type your root password and confirm the password.

  • Finally, Click on the "Change Password" button to update the WHM password.


Here are some recommended cPanel & WHM tips and tricks.

You can also use the "Terminal" option in the WHM interface to reset the WHM password. To learn more about the Terminal option, visit the link.

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