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How to change Cloudron SMTP (Smarthost) Settings?.

Updated: Jan 28


You will need the following items to complete this tutorial.

What is SMTP server settings?.

SMTP settings are the settings for your outgoing mail server; this protocol is only for outgoing messages. When sending email, most email software is set up to use SMTP for communication.

What is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, allows you to send emails from an email programme to a specific server. If you wish to use your GMail account to send email using another email client, for example, you'll need to configure that client's settings with GMail's SMTP information.

What is smarthost?.

A smart host, sometimes known as a smarthost, is an email server that allows third parties to send emails to recipients' email servers.

Smarthosts were originally open mail relays, but most providers now require authentication from the sender to ensure that the sender is genuine.

SMTP smart host provider or free SMTP smart host

SMTP2GO is a prominent SMTP service provider that allows customers to send emails by connecting Gmail or Outlook to a dedicated SMTP server. Bypassing spam filters and improving email delivery rates by overcoming email sending limits and more, connecting your normal email programme with an SMTP mail server network will help you bypass spam filters and enhance your email delivery rates.

SMTP2GO isn't a flawless tool, despite its email authentication and other capabilities, and it's worth looking at everything it has to offer before deciding to invest in its SMTP service.

Install Cloudron

To finish this tutorial, please install Cloudron on the Compute Engine in the Google Cloud Platform. The following post explains how to install Cloudron in Compute Engine.

Step - 1. Create an account with SMTP2Go

  • Login (if you already have an account) or create a new account. Sign up for SMTP2Go and go to the settings area to find the sender domains section.

SMTP2GO, add domain, manage domain
SMTP2GO - Add Domain Interface
  • Next, type your preferred domain in the input field and click on Add domain.

Type, hostname, value, cname, domainkey, link, dkim, track, return, hosted ssl, verify
SMTP2GO - DNS Records
  • Only add domains that you own, as updating your DNS records will be required. Here are some guides for some of the most well-known web hosting companies.

  • Go to your DNS provider's website (For instance,

  • Add the CNAME records provided by SMPT2Go to your domain.

  • Please keep in mind that it can take up to an hour for certain providers to make DNS changes live.

Hostname, CName, link, return, dkim, track
SMTP2GO - DNS Validation
  • Once the DNS propagation is complete, click the Verify option to add the domain.

Step - 2. Add an SMTP user.

  • Navigate to the settings area to find the SMTP users section and click on Add SMTP user option to add a new SMTP user.

SMTP2GO, new smtp user, username, password
  • Next, Type your username and password and save them.

SMTP2GO, SMTP server, port, alternative ports
SMTP2GO - Smart host
  • Finally, copy-paste the SMTP credentials into your favorite text editor and save them.

Step - 3. Update Cloudron email SMTP (Smart host) configuration.

  • Log in to your Cloudron Dashboard (for example,, go to the Email menu item, and click on the email option to modify your email settings.

Cloudron, email, domain, config, outbound, edit
Cloudron - Email Configuration
  • Next, Click on the edit option located under the actions to apply SMTP2Go credentials.

Cloudron, Email relay, External SMTP Server, SMTP host, port, username, password
Cloudron - Outbound SMTP Credentials
  • Lastly, switch to the outbound tab under email relay, choose the External SMTP server from the drop-down, and paste the SMTP2Go credentials in the required fields. For instance:

  1. SMTP Host:

  2. Port: 587

  3. Username: Your-SMTP-Username

  4. Password: Your-SMTP-User-Password

  • Finally, save and return to the Email interface, where you can send a test to your desired address.


Here are some more setup options that are recommended.

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