What is Cloudron?

Cloudron is a cloud application platform that allows you to create applications with only one click. Their 80+ stable apps have been thoroughly tested and approved for trouble-free operation. It automates everything from database configuration and DNS record setup to certificate installation and management. Cloudron provides a centralized platform for managing users and online apps from the convenience of your web browser.

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Why do we need Cloudron?

Assume you wish to create a web application such as WordPress, Confluence, or an email server. The first step is to begin reading installation instructions and configuring the server. Today's web apps employ various package managers, languages, and frameworks, making this procedure time-consuming and difficult. Also, DNS and SSL certificates must be configured when the programme is installed. If the server hosts several apps, it is necessary to ensure that the apps do not interfere.


Cloudron will resolve and automate all of the difficulties mentioned earlier with a single click, allowing non-techies to focus on their company rather than technical issues. For example, if you are a blogger who prefers to install WordPress, SSL, and updates as a non-techie, the cloudron can handle it on your behalf so that you may focus on writing blog posts.

Deployments and Tutorials
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

Workflow to deploy Cloudron on Compute Engine
GCP Flow.png